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Big Canoe® Real Estate | North Georgia Mountains | Big Canoe® Homeowners Association

HOA Mission Statement

To promote the health, safety, welfare, and interests of the owners of residences located within that certain community situated in Dawson and Pickens Counties, Georgia, known as "Big Canoe®," and to preserve and enhance property values and the quality of life within such community, and pursuant to such purposes to conduct any business and engage in any activities not specifically prohibited to non profit corporations under the laws of the State of Georgia.

Benefits of HOA Membership

• HOA members receive a free copy of the Big Canoe Directory. The directory is published annually in the last quarter of the year.
• HOA members have access to the continually updated Big Canoe® Online Resident Directory hosted on this website.
• HOA members receive discounts on HOA sponsored activities and events.
• HOA members receive 'Round the Mountain - A bi-weekly broadcast email message that details upcoming social events in Big Canoe®.
• Additionally, the HOA supports a variety of community functions:
o Smoke Signals newspaper
o Post office maintenance
o Online Big Canoe Community Calendars
o Steve Tate Highway cleanup
o Holiday events for families
o Red Cross Blood Drives
o Health screenings and shots
o Educational seminars
o Cultural events               

HOA stands for much more than Homeowners Association

The HOA Board of Directors is made up of 12 Big Canoe® Homeowners elected by the membership.  Membership consists of those homeowners who have paid the annual dues of only $35.00.  Four directors are elected each year to serve a three year term. The HOA mission, simply stated, is to look out for the interests of all Big Canoe® homeowners and to provide services that enhance the quality of life in Big Canoe®.  Achieving this goal sends us in many different directions.

Many Activities Are Very Visible . . .

A lot of what we do is very well known.  This would include such things as Smoke Signals, published monthly under the auspices of the HOA; the invaluable Big Canoe® Directory, published annually; concerts like the “Concert on the Green” in June and the recent “Return of the Beatles”; our bi-weekly online publication “Round the Mountain”, a listing of most of the upcoming events whether HOA related or not.

Last year we published a Residents Information Manual, full of very valuable information for new residents in particular but also for those who have been here awhile.  Copies are available in the POA Office or it can be downloaded from the website,  The HOA website, by the way, is loaded with all kinds of information including a link to Smoke Signals Online for all of the breaking news.  It has recently been updated and greatly enhanced.  Be sure to visit it soon.

Shortly you will be hearing about the new map of Big Canoe® that we have commissioned.  You will be excited when you see it for it is unlike any map we have had before.  It should be in your hands the first of the year. It will be free to HOA members and available to all others for a reasonable fee.

Some Are Not So Obvious . . .

These are the highly visible products of the HOA.  But they are only the tip of the iceberg.  The HOA is involved in so much more that is not so obvious.  Did you ever stop to think who keeps things in order in the Post Office?  It is the HOA.  The Community Betterment Chairman puts in many hours policing the bulletin boards (furnished by the HOA) to remove outdated or inappropriate material.    Can you imagine how cluttered those bulletin boards would be if the HOA were not on the job?  We are in the process of upgrading those bulletin boards. Also, you will soon see a new up to date scale for weighing letters, provided by the HOA.  (We think the old one probably has antique value.)  This committee also organizes the periodic clean up of Steve Tate Highway and other tasks that improve life in Big Canoe®.

We support many Big Canoe® endeavors.  For instance we have provided monetary support for the BCERT program to enable the purchase of equipment that enhances their efforts to keep us all safer.  We are presently joining with the POA to provide some much needed fire services equipment for the POA Public Safety Department that enhance homeowners’ safety.

Many health activities are sponsored by the HOA.  These include Flu Vaccine Clinics every fall (watch for information soon), hearing and blood pressure screenings, blood drives, CPR classes, and more.  The youth and adult sports programs are managed by the HOA as well as special events such as Trunk or Treat for Halloween, Santa Comes to Big Canoe®, and the annual Easter Egg Hunt.  Our Education chairman coordinates programs of interest throughout the year.

A recent example is the digital camera seminar.  Don’t miss the one scheduled October 19 to educate you on the implementation and advisability of home sprinkler systems.  We also offer the AARP Defensive Driving Course periodically.  It can help you gain a discount on your automobile insurance.

And Then the Rest of the Story . . .

Tired yet?  Well we are not through.  Our most important function is to be the advocate of the homeowners, as stated in our Mission Statement.  Some of the most vital things we do you may never hear about because we are working behind the scenes.  We are constantly vigilant for issues that arise and what their effect will be on the homeowners of Big Canoe®.  We hear about something that will have an impact on homeowners and we investigate.  Often it turns out to be rumor and our job then is to make sure fact is separated from fiction.

On other issues by stepping in early on your behalf we can change the direction of a project so that there is little or no detrimental effect.  No matter which, it is important for us to be involved and aware of decisions being made and how they will impact homeowners.  To that end we make sure a representative attends POA Board meetings and we have developed good communication with POA Directors and Big Canoe® POA staff.

Enough (though there is more!).  We want every homeowner to know we are on the job and are always open to your concerns.  Directors are listed on the HOA website and are posted in the Post Office.  Contact any one of us and we will try to find an answer to your question or investigate your concern.  We try very hard to live up to our stated mission to be an advocate for the homeowners.